Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A little bit of rock.

The weather was so drab yesterday that I had a really hard time trying to decide on my outfit of the day. It wasn't especially cold but it was definitely not the summery weather that I'd been hoping for. So I went with this look.
Hat - Urban Outfitters, Top - H&M, Jeans - Topshop Acid Wash Mom Jeans, Shoes - Topshop Maze Brogues

I know it's been said before - I know Lydia at FashionInflux posted recently about how we're going to view Mom jeans in a few years time. Personally I love them and find them very flattering, there's a pastel pair I have my eyes on at the moment, but I agree with Lydia that in a few years time it's highly unlikely that we see them as having been a good fashion choice. But fashion is evolving, not timeless, and so I'm not worried that I'll look back in ten years and wonder what I was thinking, I do that already! What's important is that they work right now, and for me, Mom jeans do.

Bag - Love Label

Detailing - Rings (R-L) from Fun Daisy, Vintage shop, Freedom at Topshop and Magnolia Jewellery

Because it was so breezy I did find I was a bit chilly whilst taking these pics, so I decided to dig out my trusty Topshop biker jacket as I thought it really matched the outfit, I think it was a wise move, especially since I ended up out for most of the day.

I'd forgotten I had these shoes, I love the weave detailing on them and definitely will be featuring them in more posts very soon!

So that's all for now. I'm very excited to be able to tell you about an upcoming collab with BlackTied, I'm thrilled to be working with them and cannot wait to be able to show off my new purchases - they have some amazing pieces and I'm in desperate need of a jewellery update.

I'll also be posting today's outfit later on. It features one of my favourite kimono's that you'll be sick of the sight of by the end of summer but it's beautiful so be sure to check back later.



  1. Silly question I expect but what are 'mom jeans'? Also, as a mum should I be wearing them?! H xxx

    1. No, not a silly question at all! Mom Jeans are a kind of jean cut, they're high waisted and tapered. You should wear whatever you feel most comfortable in :) Topshop do loads of different washes of Mom jeans though if you wanted to try any. xx


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