Saturday, 14 June 2014

The first #OOTD

First #OOTD of many

How better to start a blog than with an OOTD post?! There will be more historic ones to come as I'm great at photographing my outfits and Instagram'ming them (cheeky self IG promo: @ewils22) but I'm shocking at remembering to post anywhere else. That's changing now.

Today's #OOTD was inspired by this skirt I bought from eBay (I'm a sucker for a bargain!) I needed to go to Meadowhall so something comfortable was a must because I'm incapable of going into Topshop without trying at least a handful of things on. My Dr Marten's are one of my favourite pairs of shoes, they really are so versatile and always get a lot of comments. My sister definitely did well when it came to choosing those for my Christmas present!

You can't really tell from the pic, but I also had on my bowler hat from it was an impulse buy last year but one I don't regret in the slightest. It's my current go-to piece for jazzing up my outfit a little bit. What are your go-to pieces for making your outfit instantly that little bit edgier? 


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  1. A statement necklace - the cowards way of jazzing it up I know, but baby steps for me! Lol xx


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