Sunday, 15 June 2014

Disentangled wallflower.

The weather isn't exactly fab today, so I decided that instead of dressing in black like I usually would, I'd create my own summer. This Zara skirt is beautiful but I rarely wear it, but I decided today I would and how better to style pastels than with pastels.

I was reading Simon Blackburn's 'Think' again last night and he was discussing how we can never really know how the minds of other people work. I suppose fashion is a bit like that in a sense, we can appreciate other's style but it's difficult to comprehend what someone was thinking when they put together their own outfit. I'm a strong believer in fashion assisting with creating an external persona - so I do tend to wear edgier attire on days where I feel slightly more emotionally vulnerable, equally, like today, if I'm content and at peace with myself I'll go for something more feminine. That's my favourite thing about this, your style allows you to be whoever you want to be. I don't see that as a bad thing.

This shirt is actually an old school shirt I found lying around and decided to make use of. You can't beat a crisp white collar sometimes and I thought it'd look good with this fluffy crop I found in the F&F sale a few weeks ago.
The pendants are just a few I have, but the Alice in Wonderland one is definitely a firm fave, especially in our house - the quote seems quite apt!

I'm the least photogenic person I know but I decided at least for today to step away from the mirror selfies and take. A proper photograph. I can usually tell if my hunch about my outfit is right from the pic, I really like this combo. It's very summery, even if the weather is non-compliant at the moment.
But no post would be complete without a sulky selfie, so here you have it. I always find it hard to be motivated on Sundays, especially if I'm off work, which I am today, although I'm off out for a meal tonight with the work crew so prepare for more pictures of tonight's outfit.

Hope you're all having a good Sunday guys x

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