Saturday, 21 June 2014

Those sandals and another kimono.

So today, I had the absolute pleasure of having the pictures taken for this blog post by the fabulous Rianna, she has some seeeeerious camera skills. We decided to go down to the local lake because it's a really peaceful place and the sunshine always seems to make it a really popular local attraction.

Today's outfit again was a little bit festival inspired. I'm very jealous I'm not off to the Isle of Wight festival! I went with my crinkle smock dress from Topshop, the trusty Urban Outfitters bowler hat, a vintage leather bag, my Cosmo freebies sunglasses and I cheekily borrowed Rianna's amazing kimono from River Island. I literally need it in my life.

Hat: Urban Outfitters, Dress: Topshop, Kimono (borrowed): River Island, Sandals: Next, Bag: Vintage

It was really fun getting these shots, we had a venture off the main footpaths and found some serious hidden gems. It definitely put me in a better mood, the sunshine always helps too.

This is one of my favourite shots of the day!

I know I've already mentioned these a lot, but how nice are these freebie Cosmo sunglasses... often the free things you get with magazines aren't durable or look cheap but these definitely don't, it's saved me hunting down a pair for the summer.

Sandals: Next

And yes, you see it correctly, I have succumbed to the ugly sandal trend. I must admit, I'm a convert. They're so comfortable and I find them really easy to style things with. These were a total bargain for £22 from Next. I wasn't sure I'd like them enough to buy Birkenstocks to start off with but now I've worn these for a while and felt the huggable comfort of actual summer sandals I think I'm definitely considering it. Let's just hope the weather holds up! They definitely are not a sandal to attract the guys though... my friend who happens to be a boy(!) came shopping with me to buy these and described them as 'something his Gran would wear'... oh well, they're comfortable and I surprisingly like them a lot.

If anyone wants to check out anymore of Rianna's pictures, head on over to her Tumblr for a nosey, I promise there's some amazing shots!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and managing to enjoy the sunshine.

Em x

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  1. Beautiful pics ! Cute outfit ! :)




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